Our History

The Beginnings

October 2006

Lava Lake Lamb brings Gary Nabhan to the Wood River Valley. A local foods group comes together out his workshop.

Winter 2006-2007

Idaho’s Bounty original organizers (James Reed, Judy Hall, Jeannie Wall, Laura Theis, Kaz Thea, Diana Whiting, and Kelley Weston) meet with producers, small business consultants, government officials, rural development specialists, and others out-of-state working on similar projects. A feasibility survey is created and USDA planning and development grant (FMPP) is applied for.

March 2007 to September 2007

Monthly sales and distribution of local foods take place to a test group in Hagerman and the Wood River Valley. Two Idaho’s Bounty organizers travel to the Oklahoma Food Cooperative to learn from their operations.

Open For Business

October 10, 2007

Idaho’s Bounty Online Food Market opened for its first delivery day! Cycles continue on a two-week cycle. Events such as dinners with local restaurants, events with local businesses, potlucks and educational seminars continue to take place each month.



  • Gross sales continue to increase at a rate of 30% over each previous year
  • Wholesale customers begin to be serviced
  • Grants are received to continue to develop web software in conjunction with other Co-ops
  • Idaho’s Bounty is researched as a part of three independent case studies
  • Number of producers grows to 60
  • Number of paid members grows to 674
  • Weekly sales area added
  • Boise area producers and weekly retail service to the Boise area is added
  • Through generous donations & grants, Idaho’s Bounty is able to remain debt free and continue to put 75% of gross sales back in producer’s pockets


We firmly believe that with diligence, organized efforts, necessary financial resources and our strong will, Idaho’s Bounty will continue to support and help develop the local food system. Every day, Southern Idaho ranchers, farmers and food producers join Idaho’s Bounty to bring local, ethically and sustainably produced foods to our customers

We’re planning to hire more staff to continue to support our ever grown distribution system. We have solid sales strategies and financial planning in motion to become financially independent. Thanks for being a part of keeping foods, our healthy and our money local.