Board and Staff

The dedicated staff and board members at Idaho’s Bounty, along with our drivers, contractors, and member workers are always hard at work to bring the freshest local foods to our customers. Please feel free to contact us at any time!

TJ Stevens

TJ Stevens

General Manager

(208) 631-3720

Mike Seaman

Mikey Seaman

Producer Relations

(208) 908-9188

Chad Meissner

Warehouse and Logistics Manager

(208) 230-2238

Tori Ross

Wholesale Sales Specialist

(208) 473-0422

Jesse Bolin

Transportation Specialist

Rick Astley

Transportation Specialist

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Board of Directors

John Tansey: President

John is Vice President of Operations at Happy Family Brands, an organic baby and toddler food company. He was hired as the 3rd member of the operations team which has grown to over 45 employees. John provides expertise in operations finance and planning, as well as experience in systems learning.

Mike Sommer: Secretary

Mike Sommer is a producer member of the board. He, along with his father Tim Sommer, runs Purple Sage Farms. They have 20 years experience as certified organic organic growers of fresh herbs, greens and specialty produce. They have one of the most widely known, organic brands in the Southern Idaho region.

Matt Fuxan: Treasurer

John Klimes

John Klimes is a producer member of the board. He runs Snake River Poultry in Jerome, ID and started selling locally to show his children how to sustain their way of life. They raise produce, eggs, broiler chickens, rabbits, beef and pork with unlimited access to pasture and are fed all natural feeds.

Mike Heath

Mike Heath operates M&M Heath Certified Organic Farms, 450 acres in Buhl, Idaho where he grow potatoes, specialty beans, tomatoes, winter squash, alfalfa, dry beans, sweet corn & grain, 400 broilers, 30 layers, a few pigs, turkeys and is reinvigorating his organic orchard.

Erin Gorringe

Ali Long

Ali Long is a mother, conservationist, Impact Investor, President & Trustee of The Springcreek Foundation (TSF), and Founder of the nascent Local Food Alliance (LFA) in Idaho. In these various capacities, Ali integrates social mindedness and environmental awareness, ever cognizant of the legacy and responsibility we will leave to our children. TSF aspires to strengthen our community through individual and collaborative grants and investments; collaborative investments foster the transition to a conservation economy, with a focus on sustainable food systems. The LFA’s mission is to create a healthy local food system and restore food security in the Wood River Valley. Ali has been committed professionally and personally to Philanthropy Promotion & Education since 1996, and now focuses her professional energy on the synergistic reform of our food and financial systems in order to achieve a balanced global environmental and social system.

Mike Seaman

Mike Seaman is a former river guide turned environmental professional. Inspired by Frank Church while guiding on the Middle Fork of the Salmon, Mike left the river to earn a Master’s of International Environmental Policy. He recently moved from Monterey, CA, where he worked at the Monterey Bay Aquarium as an Environmental and Purchasing Manager for their food service provider, Aramark. Mike worked on national sustainable food and beverage program design for Aramark. He spent significant time digging through dumpsters at the Aquarium to analyze their waste stream and find opportunities for cost saving and operational improvements. He helped found the Compost Coalition – a group of local business, government officials and waste haulers – to successfully bring food scrap collection program to the city of Monterey and surrounding area. He’s now moved back to Boise to start his sustainability consulting business, Pioneer Consultants, specializing in waste management, sustainable food and purchasing, business operations and marketing.